Monumental Sculptors in Kirkby for a Lasting Tribute for Your Lost Loved One

Monumental sculptors in KirkbyKenneth A Fraser Ltd, monumental sculptors in Kirkby, was established in 1929. The masonry skills have been handed down through the generations so we still use traditional methods when sculpting monuments. Fortunately, we have wonderful new technology and tools available that we can use to compliment the old school techniques. The combination allows us to offer personalised and beautifully sculpted, engraved and ornamented monuments that will endure. At Kenneth A Fraser, we hold to a high standard. Most people are not well acquainted with stonemasons and sculptors or how to judge the quality of their work. For most, ordering a grave marker may be the first and only contact with our workmanship.

We are members of NAMM, a trade oversight organisation that demands a high level of workmanship and customer service. In Kirkby, monumental sculptors carry out the tasks and responsibilities according to the guidelines prescribed by the individual cemetery. We are familiar with the requirements of most cemeteries so we will be able to advise you on the type and size limitations of each. Together we will design a monument according to your wishes and then secure the approval of the cemetery before we actually sculpt it. Another responsibility we carry out is the secured placement of the memorial according to safety standards. We install the stone to stand the test of time.

Monumental sculptors in Kirkby offer an impressive selection of memorial stones from which to choose. Each can be customised to suit your preferences. Our showroom displays over 50 memorials, permanently displayed, so you can see what the finished product looks like. The display includes inscription examples and ornamentation which also must be approved by the cemetery. Contact us today if you are looking for a monumental sculptor. One further service that we offer is the refurbishment of old monuments. We can clean, smooth rough chips, re-engrave for clarity and reset the stone. The damage from decades of exposure to the elements, pollution and even vandalism can be smoothed away. The result is a new looking tribute to your loved one. That is a great benefit for generations yet to come.