Choose Traditional Memorials in Bailrigg for Your Loved One’s Resting Place

Traditional Memorials in BailriggTraditional memorials in Bailrigg are a respectful way of remembering a lost loved one. Memorials have evolved from simple grave markings to sentimental installations that symbolise the life lived. They are also timeless pieces that represent the life of the deceased. A memorial can be etched with different art or symbols representing interests of the deceased. Memorials play an important role in paying tribute to the deceased.  Something as simple as the date of birth and death goes a long way to show the years spent by the deceased creating memories and leaving impact among friends and family. We offer a number of different traditional memorials. If you prefer, we can design a memorial to your specific requirements.

The marker you place on the grave of a loved one should be selected with care. In Bailrigg, traditional memorials are simplistic, yet effective. Beautifully carved by our experts, they serve to mark the final resting place of your lost loved one with grace and stature. Memorials are designed to offer the most comprehensive depiction of the deceased. They serve as symbols of a life well lived. The huge task of designing an iconic piece is best left to expert stonemasons. It’s takes a trained hand and an experienced eye to deliver professional traditional memorials.

Traditional memorials in Bailrigg are some of the most iconic pieces for graves. The beauty of the memorials lies in their simplicity. They have a long lasting impact and bring to life the fondest memories of the deceased. At Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, we specialise in designing, making and installing traditional memorials that are befitting for any loved one’s grave. We take into account all specifications forwarded by our clients to design memorials that meet and  surpass expectations. When you are looking for a traditional memorial for your loved one’s grave, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We will assist you and guide you in making the best choice for your loved one’s memorial.