Professionally Crafted Granite Memorials in Lancaster

Granite Memorials in LancasterWhen choosing granite memorials in Lancaster, be sure to choose a skilled and experienced stonemason to carry out the work. Granite is an excellent choice of stone from which to create a memorial. The word itself is synonymous with strong, enduring, indestructible. Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. is our long established family-run business. We have been providing our stonemason services to the wide surrounding area since 1929. You might say Kenneth A Fraser is synonymous with memorial stonemason. Granite in various types is plentiful throughout the world but memorial quality granite is not. Somewhere between 10 and 30 per-cent of all quarried granite is memorial quality. Of that, two-thirds will be discarded from memorial use due to imperfections. The discarded granite is valuable for other uses; just not memorials.

The granite we use for our custom memorials at Kenneth A Fraser took thousands of years to form. In Lancaster, granite memorials are selected for their hardness because we want the stone and the engraving to endure. On the hardness scale, diamonds are the hardest and rated as 10. Natural granite is at 7, manmade granite at 5 and marble at 3. If you compare old memorial stones in cemeteries you may notice a lot of marble memorials that were in common use from the mid 1800’s to mid 1900’s. Likely the stone is not faring well and the engraving may no longer be readable. The marble was used because at that time is was a cheaper stone. Engraving on granite stones from the same time frame are still readable.

Granite memorials in Lancaster are beautiful with many colour variations. Left rough, there is a natural beauty and polished bring up the colour. Polished or natural is a personal preference but polishing adds a layer of protection. If there is an old granite memorial stone for one of your family members that could use restoration, we can do that at Kenneth A Fraser. It’s hard stone so we can get rid of the vegetation stains, moulds and discolouration as well as scratches and chips and bring out the beauty of the stone once again. Contact Kenneth A Fraser for either a new or refurbished granite memorial. All of our work includes the ground stone and the setting or resetting of the memorial stone.