Traditional Memorials in Morecambe

Traditional Memorials in MorecambeTraditional memorials in Morecambe may have a different meaning to different people. Here at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, we have been creating memorials for families in our surrounding area since 1929. What we call traditional would be those most common during previous generations. Upright headstones, even large sculptures as memorials, were permitted in cemeteries. Today, due to space and maintenance costs, some cemeteries will only allow small flat or wedged memorial stones. We usually engrave a plaque with pertinent information that is affixed to the wedge stone. So that might be thought of as a modern memorial. Larger memorials of polished stone with simple lines might be considered modern memorials as well.

A classic traditional memorial is often carved from granite in a select colour. In Morecambe, traditional memorials of granite might or might not be polished. The upright stone would be ornately sculpted across the top in a gently flowing line. The base stone would be a thick rectangle the width of the memorial stone but wider. That extra width might be used to hold matching flower vases on each side. The vases would be shaped from an ornate, non-oxidizing metal. The inscription would be hand carved by a stonemason. We are the last of the hand carvers in our area, but we practice the art faithfully for our customers. The engraving might be filled with gold leaf. We would then engrave a symbol that reflects dearly held beliefs of the deceased.

Most traditional memorials in Morecambe have engravings that are ornate and highly detailed. It could be a Christian cross, Jewish Star of David, a military or service club affiliation, family symbols and more. Those symbols might include flowers, or other intricate carvings. Medallions to specify a branch of military service, a union symbol, a charitable organisation and more might also be added. If this describes your idea of traditional and is what you want for your loved ones contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We prepare and engrave many kinds of stones, multiple sizes, various shapes and designs, including traditional. Such traditional memorials are still available because we continue to practice traditional stone masonry.