Traditional Memorials in Heysham

Traditional Memorials in HeyshamCelebrate your loved ones’ lives with beautifully crafted traditional memorials in Heysham from Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We work with families to design, create and install enduring tributes to those who were cherished and respected in their lifetimes. With nearly ninety years’ experience in this field, ours is an independent, family-run firm that deals solely in memorial masonry. We work with clients in the Lancaster, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Yorkshire regions and have established strong ties in the communities we serve. We offer memorials made from different types of stone, crafted to match the size, shape and specifications provided. We can also help you with the paperwork involved for installation, including submission of consent forms required by council authorities in cemeteries they run.

As in other places, in Heysham, traditional memorials have had a long and interesting history. Centuries ago, when churchyards and cemeteries did not exist, gravestones and headstones were used to mark places of burial near the family home. These were simple stones marked with wooden/stone crosses that contained the name, age and date of death. Sometime during the 17th century, churches began to permit the use of churchyards as burial grounds where gravestones could be erected. Initially, only the nobility and upper classes used them. Gradually, the practice became more common, though the gravestones permitted were simple square structures made of slate or sandstone. With the emergence of public graveyards, more elaborate designs and shapes of gravestones, intricately carved, topped with funerary figures, sculptures, family emblems, symbols, and meaningful inscriptions made their appearance.

Traditional memorials in Heysham include elegant, yet simple designs that remain as timeless classics across generations. They are constructed keeping classic aesthetics in mind and will blend well into heritage churchyards and cemeteries. Typical designs include memorial headstones with Gothic or carved cross effect, or with chamfers, hand-carved motifs, in different shapes like book-shaped marble memorials with a vase to hold flowers, with carved angels or cherubs, as well as a scrolled central panel flanked by winged angels. For more about our traditional memorials, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. You can also have full-sized memorials with flower designs and vase posts.