Granite Memorials in Aldcliffe

Granite Memorials in AldcliffeGranite memorials in Aldcliffe are the perfect way to permanently mark your loved one’s final resting spot forever. At Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd, creating beautiful granite memorials are our passion. We are independent memorial masons with a long-standing familial history in this specialised craft. Our team uses traditional craftsmanship with new technologies and equipment to produce beautiful works of art. We have been members of NAMM for more than three decades because we constantly strive to meet high standards of business practice and workmanship. All our work comes with a six-year guarantee; even on the materials used. When selecting a granite memorial, pick the shape, size and ornamentation you want to commemorate your loved one. There are some churchyards and cemeteries that place restrictions on how the memorial is crafted. But we urge you not to worry because we’re well versed with local regulations and rules. We’ll be able to guide you on your particular choice. Best of all, we won’t charge you until all the work is completed. This is because we want you to see your completed memorial and be completely satisfied.

For families in Aldcliffe, granite memorials can be selected to mark a lost loved one’s gravesite. We design and create durable, multi-coloured memorials. Granite is by far the most popular and durable stone amongst our customers. We can make your granite memorial in several finishes such as sanded, rustic, partly polished or all polished. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of finish but our all-polished variety are the best and most weather resistant. With a few maintenance procedures, they will retain their original for more than fifty years. In addition, we’ve got several different colours in granite stone such as red to green, white to black and multicolour shades. Our most popular colours are Khamman ebony, Glenaby or medium grey and Paradiso pink.

If you’re looking for the best material in memorial stone, consider granite memorials in Aldcliffe. To find out more about our granite memorials, or to request a quote, contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd. We take great pride in offering top quality work at affordable rates.