Heart Shaped Memorials in Carnforth

Heart Shaped Memorials in CarnforthHeart shaped memorials in Carnforth are a unique tribute to a loved one that can last for generations. Kenneth A Fraser are highly-skilled, experienced memorial masons and our firm has been in business for ninety years. We are an independent, family-run business and deal exclusively in memorial masonry. Our company has served many generations of clients in the Lancaster, Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, North Yorkshire areas and beyond. What sets us apart from others is our unique blend of traditional values and craftsmanship combined with modern technology and materials. We have been members of the National Association of Memorial Masons for more than three decades. All our work and materials are guaranteed for six years. Our team can help you choose the memorial that best matches your needs, preferences and budget.

For families in Carnforth, heart shaped memorials are a charming, distinctive and memorable tribute that stands out from others. You can have a special inscription, etching, carving or photo embossed on the stone. We provide a dazzling array of choices in terms of colours, textures and finishes in different types of stone. You can choose granite in several gorgeous colours, or local Yorkshire slate or other stone. Since you’re making a decision that will be viewed for many generations to come, it’s important to take your time and consult all the persons involved before you make the final choice. Another crucial aspect is to make yourself aware of the local regulations and conventions in the cemetery or churchyard that you plan to install the memorial in. Many of them specify the size or shape of the memorial and the type of inscriptions. Since we have close ties in the local communities we serve, we can help you with these aspects.

Other important decisions to make while selecting heart shaped memorials in Carnforth involve the personal elements that you’d like to incorporate. For instance, inscriptions with a religious verse, lines of poetry or a favourite quotation are the preferred choices. You can select carvings or motifs from our catalogue or design your own. To find out more about our heart shaped memorials, contact us today.  If you’d like military symbols or regimental coats of arms, we can create these for you.