Traditional Memorials in Carnforth

Traditional Memorials in CarnforthPaying tribute to a loved one through traditional memorials in Carnforth is very much a matter of personal choice. At Kenneth A Fraser Ltd,  our nine decades’ experience in this business helps us to provide our clients with exactly the kind of memorial that they want. It’s not easy to make these important decisions in a time of grief and uncertainty, but our friendly, sensitive and helpful team can help you. We understand how important the funeral service is to the grieving process when a family suffers the loss of a loved one. Along with this, it’s also a time for reflection and celebration of the life and achievements of the deceased. Memorials are an enduring and long-lasting reminder of the love and respect that the person enjoyed in life. 

The selection of the perfect memorial is often a collaborative effort by the family and/or friends. This can sometimes lead to differences of opinion which can be quite distressing. That is why it’s recommended that such matters are resolved before making the final decision. In Carnforth, traditional memorials are suitable for older people, or those who held traditional values and appreciated heritage and legacy. There are many different designs, materials, colours and styles to choose from, along with a variety of inscriptions. We have a comprehensive catalogue that can help you to make the choice. You can also give us the design of your choice, based on your needs, preferences and budget. 

Traditional memorials in Carnforth could be in the form of desk tablets enhanced with motifs, etching, carving, photos, sculpture, or flower-holders. Upright headstones are a popular choice to mark the burial spot or placement of ashes. If you plan to install a memorial in a green space like a park or garden, we can create a hand-carved piece to suit your requirements. Plaques and vaults are other options. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd today more about our traditional memorials. It’s important to allow some interval of time after the burial to allow the ground to settle properly before installing a memorial. Remember that this structure is designed to last for generations, so take your time to decide the perfect memorial.