Traditional Memorials in Halton

Traditional Memorials in HaltonTraditional memorials in Halton prepared by Kenneth A Fraser Ltd are still the preferred choice for many. That’s true even for the burial of cremated remains as well as the internment of caskets.  Most of us think of the upright or wedge headstone when we think of traditional memorials with granite being the preferred stone. Hand carved lettering is deeper than on modern memorials to ensure the inscription is legible without finishing or finished in gold leaf. Hand carving is getting more difficult to find as modern technology moves toward laser inscription. We still hand carve just as we have since first established in 1929.  For those who prefer modern, we can also use laser inscription on a variety of stones besides granite such as marble and slate.

As a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons, we adhere to the professional standards set forth by the association. That means for our customers in Halton, traditional memorials are created by our skilled masons with a proven trade record and well-established business. We promote high standards while carrying out all phases of work, placement and aftercare. When choosing a traditional monument as a memorial for your loved one, we check and abide by the rules of each cemetery as to size and placement. We secure the placement so it will stand for decades against the elements as a touchstone for the family and future generations. Traditional granite is the most durable of all memorial stones. It comes with a wide variety of colours and finishes. Polished memorials are most resistant to weathering.

Traditional memorials in Halton by our well-established and respected craftsmen are customised to the family’s preferences. It is traditional to use medallions on a granite stone as symbols of the interest or beliefs of the deceased. Military and religious medallions are common or perhaps a stone relief of a beloved hobby or service club. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd to schedule a consultation to select a memorial, traditional or modern. We have an extensive showroom that will help as you make your stone and engraving selections. The end product will stand as a memorial to honour your loved one for generations.