Granite Memorials in Garstang

Granite Memorials in GarstangWhen you need a tribute to a loved one to last forever, choose our top-quality granite memorials in Garstang at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. Our firm has been working in this sector for nine decades and have established a reputation for excellent quality, affordable pricing and a customer-focused approach to every project we undertake. We have kept abreast of the times in terms of use of materials and equipment and today, we are regarded as experts throughout the Lancaster, Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, North Yorkshire areas and beyond.

What sets us apart is the blend of traditional values and craftsmanship with modern technology that we bring to our work. In Garstang, granite memorials created by us come with a six-year warranty on materials and work. Our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable team provides end to end services, right from design and planning to choosing the right materials, advising you on the appropriate memorial to install based on the location and current regulations. We send you the final invoice only after all the work is completed and the memorial you wanted has been installed in the cemetery. Unlike many other firms in this sector, we don’t just sell you the product and go on our way. We are with you at every step of the process.

Granite memorials in Garstang are available with us in a dazzling array of colours, textures and finishes. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can give you the right advice and assistance. To find out more about our granite memorials, contact us today. Granite is a popular material for memorials the world over. This is because the stone is inherently strong and projects the qualities of endurance, patience, resilience and timeless beauty. You can see headstones, gravestones and memorials made of granite that have weathered centuries in any ancient cemetery or graveyard. They can withstand extremely harsh weather conditions and also atmospheric pollutants like salt or acid in the air. The nature of the material allows greater depth of detailing and finishing that can stand the test of time. Most importantly, granite is a plentifully occurring material across the earth and that makes it an affordable choice too.