Speak to Monumental Sculptors in Lancaster for a special Tribute to a Lost Loved One

Monumental Sculptors in Lancaster As monumental sculptors in Lancaster we understand that most of our customers are unfamiliar with ordering a monument for a loved one. We have been assisting our customers through the process for decades. The final product must meet your wishes and needs. However, there are multiple steps and decisions to be made within the parameters of individual preferences, cemetery guidelines and budget constraints. Our customers receive our compassionate and individualised attention throughout the process and with each decision. The first thing you should know is there is no rush. You can wait six months to even contact us. The burial ground has to settle and restabilise for about a year before we erect a monument. You will be further along in the grieving process and more ready to make the necessary decisions.

Before any decisions are made, the first step is to secure the cemetery regulations for monuments. In Lancaster, monumental sculptors are familiar with the guidelines of most cemeteries in our service area. It could be that only a flat stone marker is all that is allowed. If that is the case, we promise you we will put as much detail and precision into creating that plaque as we would a four or six foot high monument. It will be a beautiful and fitting tribute including all the pertinent information. Cemeteries generally have maps which will assist anyone looking to find the gravesite.  Granite is the most popular stone but we also sculpt monuments from slate, marble limestone and York stone.

As monumental sculptors in Lancaster we work within the cemetery guidelines as well as your budget. That’s another reason to wait several months before planning the memorial monument. If you carry out the task during first grief, you are likely to overspend beyond what is planned. We invite you to contact us and visit our showroom so you can get a clear idea of each stone’s appearance, the various sizes and shapes and some examples of fonts and inscriptions. We still work in the old ways but we have new technology to help make the work less labour intensive. We are able to go, artistically, far beyond past capabilities with design, medallions, scrip and colour. We can even incorporate a colour photo of the deceased into the monument. You’ll make the choices most pleasing to you and we will be honoured to create a grave marker to your specifications.