Traditional Memorials in Aldcliffe to Commemorate Your Loved One’s Life

Traditional Memorials in AldcliffeCommemorate your loved one’s life with one of our beautifully crafted traditional memorials in Aldcliffe. At Kenneth A Fraser, we have nearly a century’s experience in creating unique and memorable memorial masonry. Based in Lancaster, our firm has been serving generations of clients throughout the Lancaster, Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, the North Yorkshire region and beyond. Our clients value our emphasis on quality and the way we blend traditional values and workmanship with modern techniques and technology. We have been members of prestigious bodies like the National Association of Memorial Masons which holds all our work to the highest standards.

What sets us apart from others in this sector is our 100% focus on customer satisfaction. No matter how big or small your requirement, we are glad to provide you with something that matches your unique needs, preferences and budget. In Aldcliffe, traditional memorials can be designed using a wide variety of concepts. Since it represents something that should be a lasting memory of a beloved person, people generally like to spend a lot of time, thought and effort into its design and details. The materials used may be stone, granite, marble, limestone, slate or our beautiful, native York stone. You can choose from a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, colours and textures to suit what you have in mind.

Flat, upstanding or etched, family memorials, single memorials, and uniquely shaped traditional memorials in Aldcliffe can be viewed in our catalogue and selected. It’s important to ensure that the memorial that you select is in compliance with the regulations imposed by the cemetery or churchyard. Many of them have restrictions regarding shape, size and materials. We can also handle all the paperwork involved, so that our clients can focus on having a serene experience. Contact us for more information if you are looking for a traditional memorial. Some clients prefer to pre-plan their memorials which can then be commissioned after they are gone. This gives them the opportunity to create something that they would personally like to be remembered by. We also create elegant cremation memorials that can be installed in the place where the cremation ashes are placed.