Monumental Sculptors in Lancaster

Monumental Sculptors in LancasterGood monumental sculptors in Lancaster can be hard to find. Sculpting is an art that requires a skilled hand, proper technique and experience for the best results. Turning a piece of rock or a mould into an art piece is not a new concept. Sculpting has been in existence for centuries. From bust and full boy, human sculptures to sculptures of inanimate objects, the pieces made over the years vary in size, design and meaning. Since sculptures are timeless pieces that can outlive human beings, they are the perfect eternal representation of deceased loved one. Monumental sculptors make iconic memorials but the task requires skills and expertise. That is where Kenneth A Fraser Ltd comes in.

We are an independent, family-run business involved solely in memorial masonry. In Lancaster, monumental sculptors from our company have earned the reputation of creating iconic pieces. We operate a state of the art modern masonry technology that offers precision and efficiency in sculpting. Behind the technology are skilled craftsmen with vast knowledge in both traditional and modern artistry. More than create unique pieces we aim to find the perfect sculpture for a memorial. Designs vary in size, shape and form. We work together with the client to settle on the best design, and the rest is left to our sculptors.

As one of the best monumental sculptors in Lancaster, we offer high-quality results. Our designs and final sculptures meet set standards of workmanship and business practice. The decades of experience in the business reflect the quality of our work. Moreover, our rates are friendly and our usual practice is to send the invoice once you have seen the finished memorial. When it comes to the build we do not compromise on quality and durability. We offer an array of options for stones, sizes, shapes and ornamentation. Where there are restrictions from individual cemeteries or churchyards we offer sound advice and practical solutions. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd for the best monumental sculptors in town. We only make quality memorials.