Looking for the best Monumental Sculptors in Lancaster?

Monumental Sculptors in LancasterIf you are looking for expert monumental sculptors in Lancaster, you will love the work of our craftsmen at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. A headstone is an important monument when you have just buried or cremated a loved one.  Not only do we offer a wide range of headstones and monuments, but we also work with a variety of materials and we can provide specific designs, sizes and colours. Etching or engraving inscriptions is another service we offer, so you can choose the words that will best represent and memorialise the departed.

Besides lettering, we also etch beautiful and ornamental designs into the memorial of your choice. In Lancaster, our monumental sculptors have been in this field for a long time. Regardless of how intricate or complicated your design seems to be, you can rest assured that we provide the monument or gravestone that you envisage. Monuments play a great role in memorialising and representing those who have passed on, and they can certainly be a positive part of the grieving process. For many families, a headstone is more than just a burial marker, in fact, it’s a way for families and visitors to remember the deceased, and a sure way for future generations to locate and find the grave of the departed. Memorials that are beautifully crafted can create an atmosphere of peace and joy for all those who visit the cemetery. Memorials or headstones play a significant role in paying tribute to the life of the deceased and remembering his contribution to society.

For professional monumental sculptors in Lancaster, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We have the experience and the skills to combine traditional craftsmanship and modern masonry technology to provide you with the monuments that meet your requirements. We are proud members of NAMM, which means we are committed to meet the set standards of workmanship and best business practice. Should you require it, we can also provide you with free advice on the design and styles, helping you choose a memorial for your lost loved one.