Monumental Sculptors in Garstang

Monumental Sculptors in GarstangOur team of expert masons at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd are some of the most trusted and respected monumental sculptors in Garstang. With a rich history dating back to 1929, our family run business has focussed solely on memorial masonry throughout its 90-year history. As a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM), you can rest assured that your memorial will be of the highest quality and will be installed and cared for according to a set of strict rules imposed by the governing body of NAMM.

For those living in Garstang, monumental sculptors that are as trusted as Kenneth Fraser Ltd are hard to come by. Our membership with NAMM ensures our clients with a guarantee on work done with some stipulations. Should any fault due to workmanship or materials occur within 10 years of installation, the monument or memorial will be fixed at no cost to the client. The fix includes a full replacement if a suitable repair is not possible. This guarantee only applies to the soundness of the material and not to naturally occurring colour and texture changes due to the material weathering over time. It doesn’t cover wear and tear of inscriptions, gilding or damage caused by a third party and also becomes invalid if the memorial is removed or worked on by anyone else except the seller. We will have all the details of materials, dimensions etc written clearly in a contract that will ensure your guarantee according to these guidelines within the 10 year period.

As a team of trusted monumental sculptors in Garstang, we ensure our clients know what rights and guarantees they have before purchasing a memorial with us. We not only trust in our workmanship for a minimum of 10 years, we pride ourselves in the range of designs and materials we can offer our clients. You can view our range of over 50 unique memorials on display at our showroom in Lancaster city centre or contact us for more information. Either way, we would be more than happy to help you choose a one of a kind, long lasting memorial to suit your requirements.