Traditional Memorials in Heysham

Traditional Memorials in HeyshamWith traditional memorials in Heysham, you can mark the final resting place of your departed loved one as you would like. The elegance and simplicity of traditional designs provide an opportunity to choose something that will be unique to both the bereaved and the departed. You can have your inscription of choice as well, whether it is their favourite quote or a simple send-off. There is a variety of materials available for use, each with its own characteristic, in order to suit the various preferences of our customers. You can have a memorial built using granite, slate, and limestone, York stone and even marble. The colours and textures available to are as diverse as the materials available, giving you the room to choose one that will appeal to you.

That you’re in a position of needing a memorial at all is heart-breaking and we offer our sincere condolences. In Heysham, traditional memorials can be found at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We are an independent, family-run business that specialises exclusively in memorial masonry. By combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest masonry technology and equipment available, we are able to provide you with quality service and craftsmanship that goes beyond your expectations. Our expert advice will help you choose the right product. Though you do have materials, shapes, sizes and finishes available to you, some church grounds and graveyards do have certain restrictions on the type of memorial you can erect. We are fully aware of the restrictions and are in a position to help you choose a memorial that will be within bounds of the grounds you choose to lay your departed to rest.

You can add other features to traditional memorials in Heysham such as ornamentation that includes badges or emblems, reproductions of photographs and even sketches from a book. We want to help make the final resting place as personal as possible. Contact us today for a truly unique memorial. You’ll receive a 6-year guarantee on the materials used and the work carried out. We also have the expertise to restore old memorials and also provide modern memorials as well.