Monumental Sculptors in Kendal

Monumental Sculptors in LancasterKenneth A Fraser Ltd is well known for being among the best monumental sculptors in Kendal, producing bespoke memorials. Our memorials combine traditional craftsmanship with masonry know-how in remembrance of a loved one. We create tributes to their last resting place on this earth for as long as they remain in the living memory of their loved ones. A choice of exquisitely worked headstones in marble, granite, slate, York stone and limestone are available. Combinations of stone type, size, design and different shapes further add to the beauty and elegance of each headstone that we carve. Details of design and prices are available in our online brochures, so one can customise without wasting precious time. We use traditional and modern methods of engravings on stone. Inscriptions may be carved in contrasting colours or they may be etched deeper for better legibility.

Located in Kendal, monumental sculptors working with our firm are part of a team. We can help with formalities regarding submission of memorial consent forms which are mandatory in cemeteries run by local authorities in the UK. Usually, they have to be submitted before including new or additional inscriptions on headstones.  LCC Memorial Forms with specific details are usually required to be submitted. We help clients with this and our extended service is deeply valued and appreciated which would otherwise be unnecessarily stressful for them. We also extend our services to help clients get necessary forms filled out and get requisite permissions from churchyards and local authorities before a funeral service. As specialised monumental sculptors, we believe in giving you the best quality in terms of workmanship and related services. We are members of prestigious organisations like NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons).

Our master craftsmen and monumental sculptors in Kendal ensure a true blend of art and expertise to produce the perfect product of your choice with the necessary guarantees. Poems or quotations are inscribed after prior permission is sought as per local cemeteries and churchyard rules. When you need the professional services of monumental sculptors, contact Kenneth A Fraser. Our funeral service packages and specially constructed headstones tell a story to be remembered for posterity!