Monumental Sculptors in Carnforth

Monumental Sculptors in CarnforthAs monumental sculptors in Carnforth, we continue the tradition we established in 1929. We sculpt from stone a memorial for families of monumental importance that memorialise the life of their loved one. We work the same as we always have to define character and express love and honour with words and symbols carved in stone that will stand forever. We continue to use the old traditional skills but today we also implement the very latest tools and technology. That combination allows us a broader range of options to present to our clients along with more affordable pricing. We can sculpt most any shape headstone you wish and actually there is no limit to the size. However, most cemeteries now limit the size of stones allowed to between 30” and 34” in height. We are familiar with the restrictions of most cemeteries and churchyards in the area.

We use our skills and tools to help our clients memorialise a loved one using words of script, badges and emblems indicating their faith, service and affiliations, relief carvings and engravings and even photographs. Of course, in Carnforth, monumental sculptors believe it’s perfectly acceptable to keep it simple with elegant engraving of name and dates. We work in granite, marble, slate, limestone and York Stone. Some stones can be polished to a high sheen and others are more often left rustic depending on personal preference. We have an extensive showroom that will help our clients make their selections of stone, colours, script and engravings. We work closely with our clients and offer advice and opinions. However, the final selection is always the client’s choice.

Our monumental sculptors in Carnforth prepare a base for the headstone to rest on and to use for anchoring to the ground. In addition to its function, the base can also be used for additional ornamentation or script. We can permanently attach flower holders to receive fresh memorial offerings. Contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss a monument for a loved one. We welcome your business with compassion and understanding during this time of grief. Our additional services include removing, renovating and reinstalling old headstones. If the script has become difficult to read, cracks have formed or the stone is discoloured we can make it look new again.