Granite Memorials in Lancaster

Granite Memorials in LancasterIf you need assistance with choosing granite memorials in Lancaster, speak to Kenneth A. Fraser.  Granite is one of the best materials for a memorial. It is by far the most popular stone. Granite is a tough and durable stone, capable of handling a lot of wear and tear. We’re pleased to say that we are experts when it comes to manufacturing granite memorials. Our granite memorials range from rustic to sanded and partly polished or all polished. A rustic design offers a more natural look whereas a sanded memorial gives off a matte finish. We use part polishing for the face and top base of the headstone. You may also opt for all polished if you prefer the entire memorial to have a glossy finish. The last option has many benefits. It is best at resisting weathering and can retain its appearance for more than fifty years! Apart from the finishing, you can also select the colour of your headstone. Our granite stone variety comes in almost every colour possible from black to white, green to red and many multi-coloured shades as well. Some of our popular colours are ebony, speckled grey, blue pearl and white.

For those in Lancaster, granite memorials are one of the options available at Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd. We’re expert monumental masons who’ve been in this business since 1929. Apart from granite, we also offer limestone, York stone, marble and slate memorials. We offer variety so that you can make a selection according to your budget and preferences. After selecting the type of material for your memorial, you’ll need to think about an inscription. Consider our memorial inscription service, specially dedicated for this. We pride ourselves on providing hand carved memorials. Some of our inscriptions include poems, biblical verses and even images.

If you’re considering the best material for your beloved’s headstone, consider granite memorials in Lancaster. Contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd today to find out more about our available granite memorials. Our expert team can guide you in making the best selection for your loved one. We can also assist you with submitting memorial consent forms and fees to local cemeteries.