Traditional Memorials in Kirkby

Traditional Memorials in KirkbyTraditional memorials in Kirkby have always been used to commemorate the memory of a loved one. Death is an inevitable reality but anyone one who has lost someone understands the need to keep their memories alive. Memorials were initially built to mark the resting place of someone. However, masons developed ways to craft memorials into sanctuaries for reminiscing on the lives of the dead. Soon, different designs stood at graveyards. Currently, you can order a design for a memorial and have it delivered to your specifications. The art of masonry surrounding memorials is much more developed than it was before. However, traditional designs have stood the test of time and still offer the same aesthetic appeal.

A lot goes into making a memorial. For masons in Kirkby, traditional memorials are complex to build but have breath-taking outcomes. The process of making the memorial begins with selecting the stone to use. Slate, marble and limestone are some of the popular options available but unique choices like York stone are also available. Each stone has its own pros ranging from aesthetic appeal and finishing to durability. Once the client has chosen the stone, the design is the next step. Memorials come in different shapes and sizes. At Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, we make memorials into any shape and size as instructed by the client and in line with the regulations of local cemetery or churchyard. Our designs are renowned for not only meeting the requirements of the clients but also surpassing their expectations.

When it comes to traditional memorials in Kirkby, we offer the best designs in town. Our masons are meticulous in building each order and offer expertise and craftsmanship that is unmatched. We use the latest in masonry technology to make accurate designs. Whether you want a word inscription, photos, or badges, we can design it for you. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd today and choose a memorial that will befit your loved one’s grave. We offer affordable rates and our skills can turn a simple stone to a beautiful memorial.