Heart Shaped Memorials in Halton

Heart Shaped Memorials in HaltonMemorials come in all designs and heart shaped memorials in Halton are especially lovely. We all want to immortalise our loved ones and a special monument can often do that. The heart shaped memorial is especially eye-catching as it is a most uncommon shape. It is often necessary to apply to the churchyard or cemetery for permission to erect a memorial. We will submit drawings and details of lettering styles and finishes on your behalf at no extra cost. We use a wide variety of materials to craft the headstones and this includes marble, granite of all colours, limestone and many other natural materials. Some of the stones are finished to a high polish and others are only partly polished, leaving a natural rough edging.

Headstones shapes have changed over time and in Halton, heart shaped memorials are a popular choice. They come in a number of different styles, some are just the heart on a base and others are inset into angels or teddy bears, placed onto a headstone or made into part of the headstone design. The heart has always been a symbol of love and this incorporation of the symbol into the headstone is a way of showing how much the deceased was loved by all. This is especially poignant if the grave belongs to a child. It is always devastating to lose a young person whose life has barely begun and a heart shaped memorial is especially apt.

If you are looking for heart shaped memorials in Halton we can create the most beautiful shaped memorials. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd today to find out more about our available memorials on offer. Our independent, family run business was established in 1929 and we adhere to the tradition of using top quality material to create lasting memorials. We have over 30 years as proud members of the National Association of Memorial Masons. NAMM was founded in 1907 to raise and maintain the standards in the trade. The written Code of Working Practice has been adopted by many burial authorities as the minimum standard to which memorials should be fixed. It also includes a Code of Good Practice.  We issue a 6-year guarantee on materials used and work carried out.