Traditional Memorials in Lancaster

Traditional Memorials in LancasterIf you’re planning a funeral service for your loved one, you’re likely considering various traditional memorials in Lancaster? Death is a natural phenomenon that no one wants to experience, especially when it comes to our near and dear ones. It brings with it much emotional and mental turmoil that never seems to go away. According to psychologists, memorials are important because not only does it give everyone a chance to pay their formal respects but it enables the grieving person to move come out of their shock and move forward. Memorials act like a physical representation of the departed. They may no longer be there with you physically, but their memorial enables you to visit their final resting place.

If you’re planning a funeral service in Lancaster, traditional memorials are created by us at Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd We currently have more than fifty full sized memorials that are on permanent display in our showroom located in the city’s centre. Made from a variety of materials such as granite, slate, limestone, marble and even York stone, our memorials feature unique shapes, sizes, types and designs; all created to suit individual needs.  Our showroom will help you realistically view the options, sizes and design variation we can offer. At Kenneth Fraser, we’re also specialists at hand carving memorial inscriptions. For instance, the lettering featured on our granite memorials is carved using gold leaf. For marble memorials, we use flush lead or black enamel. On limestone and York stone, we use black enamel. We can carve the inscription right onto the stone and add finishing in a different colour. This makes the inscription more legible.  In case you’re having difficulty in deciding which inscription to choose, our friendly staff will be there to guide you.

Traditional memorials in Lancaster are an excellent way of marking a permanent remembrance of your loved one. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your loved one gets the best memorial possible. When you are looking for a traditional memorial, contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd, Deciding on a memorial is the first step in healing from your loss.