Monumental Sculptors in Gartang

Monumental Sculptors in GartangIf you need the services of monumental sculptors in Gartang, Kenneth A Fraser Ltd is an independent family run business. We can provide you with a monument perfect for erecting on the final resting place of your departed loved one. Since 1929, we have engaged in memorial masonry, striving to provide our customers only with the best products. We combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest masonry technology, as well as quality customer service in order to meet the standards we have set for ourselves. Our team of experts can work with a variety of materials available and take into consideration the design you have in mind and bring about a product that will have you satisfied. We understand how important such a structure is to you, and we only wish to give you a product that is of quality and sentimental value.

That you’d need a monument to begin with, is a trying time in itself, and we only wish to make the process easier for you. In Garstang, monumental sculptors take inspiration from the traditional designs or refer to modern designs. Whatever the case, each monument is carefully crafted in order to have a product that will last for years to come. Although the design is at your disposal, we make sure to keep in line with the regulations set by various churches and cemeteries on how the memorials should look like, in terms of dimensions and what can be included in the design. We are familiar with these regulations, and will discuss with you what can and cannot be viable. In this way, you’ll be able to budget accordingly and still keep the memory of your loved one in an honourable manner.

Our monumental sculptors in Gartang are ready to be of service. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd and speak to us about what you’ll need. All our monuments come with a guarantee, so should there be any damage that occurs due to poor workmanship, or should the material that was used be faulty, we’ll repair or replace without any extra charge. You can also inquire about additional inscriptions as well as memorial lettering.