Granite Memorials in Lancaster

Granite Memorials in LancasterGranite memorials in Lancaster by Kenneth A Fraser Ltd are frequently requested by clients. When we speak with the family about the choice of stones for a memorial we show them examples of our available options in slate, marble and limestone as well as granite. Each stone has their own special qualities. The chosen stone depends on the style of memorial the family prefer. You will see a lot of marble headstones dated before the 1920’s. It was once the most popular because it was easier to carve. Since that time we’ve developed the tools and techniques that allow us to carve granite just as easily even though it’s dense, tight and the hardest of stones.

The hardness of the stone is a primary reason we often recommend granite. For family members in Lancaster, granite memorials is a good choice because it’s so hard and durable. The density prevents water from penetrating the stone and causing deterioration. Your granite memorial could last for centuries. Beauty is not sacrificed for strength when you choose granite. It comes in a variety of colours which depends on the geographic area from which it is mined. Granite can be polished to a beautiful shine which allows the colours to gleam but some prefer the natural unpolished look. Our engraving, in your choice of fonts and wording will complete the personalisation of the granite stone you choose.

At Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, stone mason, granite memorials in Lancaster are on display in our showroom. Our family has been operating since 1929 so when you choose us to create your memorial you are choosing experienced craftsmanship proven to stand the test of time. Our first commitment is to our client’s satisfaction. Contact us and schedule a consultation. We will work with you to create a memorial you will be proud to display as a tribute to the life of your loved one and a touchstone for future generations. Our full service includes abiding by the rules of the individual cemeteries for the size of the memorial and setting the stone at the gravesite.