Traditional Memorials in Lancaster

Traditional Memorials in LancasterWe at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd are well known for traditional memorials in Lancaster. Since our establishment in 1929, we have created memorials for generations of families throughout the Lancaster area and beyond including Cheshire, Manchester, North Yorkshire and Lancashire. Our stonemasons specialise in memorials only. Our commitment is to the family of the deceased. Nothing is too much trouble and we endeavour to create the memorial envisioned by the family members. Working with slate, York stone, marble, granite and limestone and combinations of those stones, we will create a fitting memorial for your loved one. You will see over fifty designs displayed in our showroom.

We manage the paperwork with the cemetery for your memorial and some cemeteries have set guidelines on memorial size. For current residents in Lancaster, traditional memorials that are overly large are banned in many cemeteries, especially our Victorian cemeteries because we are simply running out of space. Many are choosing cremation and for those burial sites we can still create a traditional memorial. Memorials are created in remembrance of a person and should not be confused with head stone. A headstone marks the grave with who is buried there and the dates of birth and death. It may be a flat, grass level marker and include a line or two of script. There is little to no ornamentation. A memorial is in honour of the deceased and may contain more information on a specially shaped and designed stone.

The stone shape, size and design of our traditional memorials in Lancaster may be complex or simple. Inscriptions, engravings, emblems, colours and fonts all factor in to your final design. The process of making the decisions can be overwhelming during the initial phase of grief. So let a little time pass and when you’re ready contact us and we’ll schedule a consultation to begin the process. We can lead you through step by step. That series of small decisions will culminate in a beautiful memorial designed by you and created by us to your specifications. A traditional memorial to a special life will be a comfort for you now and the many generations to follow.