Granite Memorials in Heysham

Granite Memorials in HeyshamrThere are numerous benefits to commissioning granite memorials in Heysham for your lost loved one’s grave. Granite is known to be a durable and strong stone, ensuring longevity. It is also one of the popular choices of stone for the manufacture of memorials. If you are interested and would like to find out more about granite memorials, you are welcome to contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd.

We are highly regarded monumental sculptors. In Heysham, granite memorials are available in a range of colours. These include almost every colour imaginable including white, black, red, green, grey and blue, and different shades of each. Since 1929, we have provided carefully and expertly crafted granite memorials for our clients. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in our hard earned reputation. The granite memorials that we supply are available in different finishes such as our rustic finish which is natural, and rough edged. We also offer a sanded finish that is smooth and has a matt finish. You could also choose an all polished finish or a part polished finish. Our all polished memorials the most resistant to weathering. They can also be expected to keep their original appearance for more than 50 years after being fixed at the grave.

Chose a granite memorial in Heysham for a long-lasting and beautifully crafted tribute to your lost loved one. We also offer an engraving or etching service for the inscription on the memorial. Speak to us about the inscription you have in mind. If you aren’t yet certain of the most suitable inscription, we can offer advice and show you examples to help you make your choice. For more information about our granite memorials, contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd today. We also offer granite memorials in different shapes and sizes. Discuss your requirements with us, and let us show you some of the examples we have on offer. From heart-shaped to a simple rectangle, we are here to assist. While we can cut a memorial to any shape and any size, it must be noted that most cemeteries have specific requirements regarding the size of the memorial.