Traditional Memorials in Garstang

Traditional Memorials in GarstangFor tradition memorials in Garstang, give one of the best known monumental masons a ring. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and equipment, we can provide you with an exceptional headstone. We have a large number of designs and materials for unique memorials. They can be manufactured from a number of different materials depending on your wishes. We have granite which is one of the most popular stones as it is very durable. It can be made in any one of our finishes. The rustic look has natural rough edges and is only smooth where the inscription is carved. The sanded finish is smooth with a matt appearance. A partly polished memorial has the face and top of the base polished and the rest is sanded.

When you lose a loved one you need to have a memorial on the burial site. In Garstang, traditional memorials with your heartfelt inscription showing how loved the deceased was can be erected by our highly qualified team. This is an aid to managing your grief and will provide solace to all family members and friends. The memorials can be expected to maintain their original appearance for more than 50 years. Our stones come in a number of different colours including black, white, red, green and various multicolour shades. Most of the granite has speckles of different colours in the solid background colour which adds to the beauty of the finished memorial.

We design and create some of the loveliest traditional memorials in Garstang. Contact Kenneth A Fraser today or visit our showroom to see the many and varied designs and styles of our beautifully crafted memorials. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and are NAMM members. We will send drawings and details of lettering styles and finishes of the proposed memorial to the churchyard or cemetery authorities on your behalf at no extra cost. These need to be submitted to receive permission from the relevant authorities to erect the memorial. We offer a number of designs that can be etched into the stone even reproductions of photographs of the deceased.