Monumental Sculptors in Lancaster

Monumental Sculptors in LancasterAt Kenneth A Fraser, monumental sculptors in Lancaster, we specialise our stonemason skills to creating monuments for our clientele throughout Manchester, Lancaster, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Yorkshire. We’ve been providing our services since 1929. We’re still independent and family owned, just as we always have been. Some monumental sculptors will create a fireplace mantle or garden fountain as well as headstones. Our sculptors focus on being the finest artisans for lasting memorials that will serve as a tribute to generations of family members. When it’s time for a headstone memorial in your family, our family will help you custom design the best choice for your purposes.

Our stone sculptures work in marble, limestone, York stone, slate and granite. The varied stones have their own special qualities in Lancaster monumental sculptors experience to meet most individual’s requests. Slate is dark and can be carved into almost any shape; marble is white with grey markings which lends itself to sculpting. Limestone and York Stone are rugged in appearance and texture. The most popular stone by far is granite which is strong, can be acquired in a broad range of colours and may be sculpted in plain rustic finish or finely polished. You can expect granite to last for fifty years.  All stone will last longer when it’s polished. The polish acts as a protective seal against the elements.

Kenneth A Fraser, monumental sculptors in Lancaster, receive queries regarding the lifespan of a monument. To discover the headstone of a beloved family member may only last fifty years is disappointing to them. No worries because the stone itself has lasted hundreds of years already and to our knowledge has an infinite lifespan. Monument engravings succumb to the elements after many years so it is incumbent upon each generation to maintain the headstones. Our company can refurbish old monuments by removing vegetation stains, re-engraving, repairing cracks, repolishing and resetting the stone. Contact Kenneth A Fraser for monumental sculptor services or current stone refurbishment. Put our long time skills to work to keep family memorials bringht and new looking for all generations.