Traditional Memorials in Halton

Traditional Memorials in HaltonLook to Kenneth A Fraser for traditional memorials in Halton. At difficult times in our life we often find comfort in our traditions. Memorials today are often small flat stones that make cemetery maintenance easier. The ceremonial scattering of ashes has become a common practice in today’s culture. There is nothing wrong with any of these expressions of love and celebration of life. It’s just that some find peace once a traditional memorial is placed. The memorial transcends lifetimes bringing together the past and the future. If you have ever walked a cemetery of your ancestors then you’ve had opportunity to learn a little about those who came before because a traditional memorial will introduce them to you.

The memorials we create today can tell more about a family member than we’ve ever been able to before. Not only can we adorn the stone with religious, service and club medallions and engrave dates of birth and death but in Halton, traditional memorials may have a full colour photograph. Hand carving is still an option but today, using lasers, we can tell more of the story using script that is small yet clear. Choosing a monument and the engravings for the monument of a loved one can bring on an attack of indecisiveness. We recommend a small checklist that in addition to the basics includes indications of what that person cared about, believed, devoted themselves to and sacrificed for. You are the only one who can introduce this beloved person to their descendants.

We have many years of experience creating traditional memorials in Halton. We understand the tie that binds families because ours have been creating exclusive memorials since 1929. We offer a wide range of memorial stones from which you may choose. We combine traditional masonry skills with new technology and equipment to create a custom memorial for your loved one. Contact us when you are tasked with selecting a traditional memorial  for a loved one. Take advantage of our experience to create a fitting tribute that will be seen by generations to come. Let them know he or she loved horses, served in the military or ministry, played the fiddle or had a passion for race cars. Some will be able to relate.