The Best Heart Shaped Memorials in Kirkby

Heart Shaped Memorials in KirkbyThe design of a headstone often has special meaning to the relatives of the deceased and heart shaped memorials in Kirby express deep love for the family member. The hear shape has been used for many centuries to depict emotion, especially love. The first known depiction of a heart as a symbol of love was in the 1250s. The shape has been use in religious pictures and sculptures in most religions and is also used in heraldry. The shape of the heart in all its various forms has change from a rudimentary heart or leaf shape to an anatomically correct heart in some religious paintings and finally to the shape we all know today.

Memorials are created and manufactured to last for many years. In Kirkby, heart shaped memorials can be lovingly created out of many different stones. We work in marble and granite but also in slate, limestone and York stone. Each of our stone materials has different properties with granite being the most durable. It is a very hard stone that comes in a wide range of colours and it can be finished off in a number of different ways. It can be left rough and rustic or sanded to a matt finish and it can be polished to a high shine. I normally has a speckled or marbled appearance which give it a totally unique look.

We create some of the loveliest heart shaped memorials in Kirkby. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd today or visit our showroom to see a wide range of the most beautiful headstones. We have over 30 years as proud members of the National Association of Memorial Masons which was founded in 1907 to raise the standards in the trade. The written Code of Working Practice has been adopted by many burial authorities as the minimum standard to which memorials should be fixed. It also includes a Code of good Practice.  We issue a 6 year guarantee on materials used and work carried out. We are familiar with all the local rules and regulations of the cemeteries and churchyards in our area and can advise you on acceptable dimensions, stone types and finishes.