Granite Memorials in Morecambe

Granite Memorials in MorecambeWith granite memorials in Morecambe, you’ll be marking the resting place of your departed loved one in a unique way that is sure to last over the years. At Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd, we provide quality memorials that are designed to your requirements and preference. This is no different to our granite memorials. Granite stone itself is the most popular stone to use in masonry, including the manufacture of memorials. This is because of its physical appeal and its ease of use. Our granite memorials are no exception, and that is why they remain one of our main popular stone memorials. They come in a variety of finishes; each with a unique feature that distinguishes it from the others.

Kenneth A Fraser Ltd only wishes to make this trying time less burdensome than it already is. In Morecambe, granite memorials can have a rustic finish, characterized by natural and rough edges. They can also be sanded down for a smooth, matt finish that is gentle to touch. With the part polished option, the memorials end up having a glossed look. The top of base and face of the headstone are polished with the rest of the memorial sanded down for the complete look. When it comes to the all-polished finish, all visible surfaces of the memorial are glossed down. These are most resistant to weathering and can last for more than 50 years upon fixing in the cemetery. The granite memorials also come in a variety of colours, just as the natural stone itself. You’ll have the option of sticking to our solid colours or go for the multicoloured shades. This includes emerald pearl, fern green, Khammam ebony, Peterhead and Balmoral, among others. Whatever the choice, we’ll be sure to erect a memorial suitable for the memory of the departed.

If you’re looking for granite memorials in Morecambe, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, or visit our showroom. We advice you to apply to your local churchyard or cemetery authorities for permission to erect a memorial in order to comply with the regulations set for those particular entities.