Monumental Sculptors in Morecambe

Monumental Sculptors in MorecambeKenneth A Fraser Ltd, monumental sculptors in Morecambe, utilises the best of the old world craftsmanship and new technology when creating monuments. Therefore, our clients have more options from which to choose as they select the perfect memorial. We sculpt from slate, marble, limestone, granite and York stone to create a wide selection of stone shapes. Check our qualifications with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) for assurance of skilled workmanship and honest customer service. We are local and family owned since 1929, having built an excellent reputation along the way.

Being local and serving the area for so many years has given us opportunity to work closely with the churchyards and cemeteries. In Morecambe, monumental sculptors must abide by the various specifications dictated by each cemetery so we are familiar with all of them. You wouldn’t want to order a stone the cemetery would not accept. We make sure that doesn’t happen. To that end, we also prepare the various forms of paperwork required for setting a new stone and complete the task by setting the stone to government standards. Once the monument stone is carved, engraved and set we seek your final approval before final billing. A memorial monument is ultimately a historical marker for your family. For that reason, we want our work to meet with your full approval.

As monumental sculptors in Morecambe, we naturally have the knowledge and skill to maintain existing monuments. Very old monuments that were never sealed and hand engraved may become difficult to read over time. We can redo the engraving, clean, seal and reset the stone for the benefit of future generations. Vandalism is often the cause of damage to stones but we can usually repair them. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd when the time comes to choose a memorial monument. We help you every step of the way as you choose from the stones and shapes we have displayed. Letter font and engraved inscriptions present many options from which to choose. Together we will create a monument to serve as a memorial for your loved one that will span the generations.