Granite Memorials in Lancaster

Granite Memorials in LancasterGranite memorials in Lancaster are a popular choice for their durability, longevity and pleasing appearance. As a family run business, first established in 1929, we combine both traditional craftsmanship and the latest masonry technology and equipment to ensure you receive a first class service. We use granite for many of our memorials, a popular choice as it is hardwearing and is available in a variety of colours and finishes. A memorial will memorialise a lost loved one for many years to come, and choosing a headstone for the grave plays a large role in the grieving process.

The durability of the stone chosen for the memorial will impact on its longevity. In Lancaster, granite memorials are, without a doubt, the most adaptable stone. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, it is durable, and because of its availability, it is often the cheapest. It is available in almost every colour imaginable, and these include popular colours such as dense black, grey, red, lavender, blue, pink, green and white. We also offer a range of different finishes like rough, smooth, polished and part-polished. The all-polished memorials we provide are the most resistant to weathering. These can be expected to maintain their original appearance for more than 50 years after being fixed in the cemetery. We are also happy to provide lettering on the granite memorial. The inscription is an important part of the headstone and needs to be carefully selected. In addition to lettering, we can also etch or carve some beautiful and elegant ornamentation into the memorial.

Granite memorials in Lancaster are available with a 6-year guarantee on the materials used, as well as the work carried out. If you are looking for a professional stonemason for granite memorials, contact Kenneth A Fraser today. We have been members of NAMM for over 30 years and this means we aim to meet set standards of workmanship and business practice. We know that individual cemeteries have their own regulations and requirements about the type and size of memorials to be used. We are familiar with all the local rules and regulations, so we can advise you on what conforms to your particular location.