Traditional Memorials in Halton

Traditional Memorials in HaltonFind the right traditional memorials in Halton to commemorate your loved ones. It’s tradition to mark the grave of a loved one, also not only to distinguish it from others but to make it more personal. Furthermore, the process of choosing a memorial, finding what words to engrave on it and so on, can help enormously in the grieving process. At Kenneth A. Fraser, we have a wide range of memorials available on display. Our masons will deliver high standards of workmanship and services. Plus, the memorials we manufacture on-site are produced through old world techniques combined with current technologies, which results in unique designs which stand out.

By choosing a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons, you will be guaranteed memorials that are of high quality, and great customer care. In Halton, traditional memorials remain among the most popular types of headstones. Choose from a wide range of solid, long-lasting materials, stones, sizes, colours, ornamentations and so on to suit your tastes. However, always make sure to check with the cemeteries and churchyards as most of them will have rules and regulations that need to be followed due to limited spaces. We are also familiar with local laws, and we will advise you on what conforms to your particular location. We offer a customised memorial service that includes inscriptions, cleaning and renovation. With Kenneth A. Fraser, you are guaranteed that any faulty work or material within 10 years of the memorial being fixed will be made good or replaced at no additional costs to the buyer, provided that the headstone has not been removed or altered in any manner during that period.

Our traditional memorials in Halton can be altered to your specific requirements. For any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Kenneth A. Fraser. We have been in the industry for 30 years and have constantly strived to meet different standards of workmanship and business practices. You will also be provided with a 6-year guarantee on all materials used and labour carried out.