Monumental Sculptors in Garstang

Monumental Sculptors in GarstangWith monumental sculptors in Garstang, you’ll have the chance to honour your departed loved one for years to come. At Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd, you’ll have a variety of materials to choose from spanning from the traditional style to those inspired by modern times. Long-lasting, multi-coloured monuments such as those made from granite are durable and come in a variety of finishes. You can opt for the rustic finish or decide to have an all-polished finish instead. If this isn’t for you, you can choose from other materials available. These include slate, limestone, York stone and marble. Not only will you have a variety of materials to choose from, but also a range of colours at your disposal. We can also add elegant ornamentation as well, if you opt to have one.

Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd is an independent, family-run business since 1929. In Garstang, monumental sculptors combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to tailor-make each memorial according to a customer’s need. We strive to implement high standards of workmanship and service and being members of the NAMM for more than 30 years has enabled us to do so. Although we always take into consideration our client’s requirements, we also make sure to keep within the restrictions set by individual cemeteries and churchyards, as some of them only allow certain designs and materials to be used on their grounds. This should not be of worry though, because since we are familiar with their rules and regulations, we are in a position to advice you on the best way forward. Our monuments come with a guarantee, meaning should any damage have occurred to them due to poor workmanship or the material used, we’ll repair or replace it without any extra charge.

If you’re looking for monumental sculptors in Garstang, do not hesitate to contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd today. We’ll provide quotes upon request and advise you every step of the way in all matters monumental. We also do memorial lettering and also take care of additional inscriptions on old memorials, and have a wealth of knowledge on the cemetery and churchyard fees.