Heart Shaped Memorials in Lancaster

Heart Shaped Memorials in LancasterHeart shaped memorials in Lancaster are a way of providing lasting and unique tributes to a loved one. At Kenneth A Fraser we have nearly ninety years’ experience in creating long-lasting and befitting memorials. Our work has benefited generations of clients in the Lancaster, Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire and North Yorkshire regions and beyond. What sets us apart from other such firms is our ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and materials. Most of our work comes to us via recommendations from satisfied customers and we believe that our work speaks for itself. We offer a six-year comprehensive guarantee on materials and workmanship. You can choose from the fifty life-size samples on display at our city centre showroom, or you can request a bespoke product. You need to submit the plans and designs for the memorial to local churchyards for permission. We can provide these at no extra cost.

When you need a gravestone in Lancaster, heart shaped memorials are a symbol of the love and affection shared with the deceased person. A beloved spouse or partner’s memory can be kept alive with this eternal symbol of love. There are different types of memorials used in the UK. They include lawn memorials, traditional and flat memorials. You can incorporate the heart shape in any of these designs. Other details are equally important. The material used, what restrictions the cemetery places on size, dimensions and shape selection of the monumental mason and headstones, thinking of the right words to have inscribed, are aspects that the family can discuss and arrive at a consensus.

If you need to add new inscriptions to your older heart shaped memorials in Lancaster, we can help you with that too. You will need to make out an application to the churchyard or cemetery and we can provide assistance. For more about our heart shaped memorials, contact Kenneth A Fraser.  Saying farewell to our loved ones is not something we do in a single moment or over a single event. These feelings last throughout our lives. Creating the right monument means that you have to keep in mind the fact that it’s something that will last across generations.