Granite Memorials in Garstang

Granite Memorials in GarstangWe create marble, slate, York stone, limestone and granite memorials in Garstang. We have many shapes and styles on display in various stone work. Naturally, each memorial is custom made but for the client, choosing can be overwhelming because they want to get it exactly right. We work a great deal in granite when sculpting memorials. The word granite conveys to many exactly what they’re looking for; strength, durability, invincible and forever. Granite is also a beautiful stone with different colour hues from which to choose. Choose to keep a rustic look or granite polishes up to a gorgeous high shine that shows off its unique attributes. The style you choose will determine the appropriate style of lettering. You’ll see samples in our showroom to help you visualise the finished product.

We have been members of the National Association of Memorial Masons; an organisation that sets high standards for workmanship and business dealings. Because of our membership in this oversight organisation in Garstang, granite memorials are satisfaction guaranteed. When you tour old cemeteries you’ll see some beautiful old stonework; some elaborate  and encompassing most of the gravesite. If you have a private burial site you may still feel free to erect a monument of any size. However, cemeteries today have established certain constraints and conditions of which we are completely familiar. We will assist in your selection of a memorial based on known parameters. Before we begin work we handle the paperwork of gaining the permit from the cemetery granting their approval for the memorial you’ve chosen.

Our stonemasons are skilled at restoring and refurbishing granite memorials in Garstang. The stone itself will last forever but eventually the elements will take their toll. If you want to preserve your grandparents or other family members granite memorial it should be cleaned and sealed every twenty years or so. We can refresh the inscription to insure it remains legible, remove stains and make repairs. The refurbishment and maintenance of granite memorials is a good directive to pass down from one generation to the next. Contact Kenneth A Fraser for a new custom granite memorial, repair or refurbishment of an existing stone or to engrave additional lettering on a memorial.