Monumental Sculptors in Kirkby Lonsdale

Monumental Sculptors in Kirkby LonsdaleMake a statement with monumental sculptors in Kirkby Lonsdale. Losing a loved one is difficult and heart wrenching. You always want to remember them in the best possible manner and to mark their presence that was in life. It is in these times when a grave monument can be the best tribute you can offer on your loved one’s passing. With this in mind, selecting one can be a very important and poignant process whose final results are impactful and consequential. This is why your choice in monumental sculptors must be nothing but the best you can find.

For families in Kirkby Lonsdale, monumental sculptors Kenneth A Fraser Ltd are a family run business with a more than 60 year presence who are engaged in memorial masonry. We use the latest equipment and combine traditional masonry methods with more recent approaches to create the highest quality monuments. We can construct monumental sculptures of all various shapes and sizes. We work with a wide range of materials and provide only options of high quality so that you may have a pleasing finished product that you can take pride and comfort in. We also take into consideration and advise on any restrictions that you may face depending on the area the gravesite is located. This includes height and dimension restrictions that may be dictated by the church or council for the particular cemetery.

Monumental Sculptors in Kirkby Lonsdale provide a not often necessary but vital service. We only employ high standards of craftsmanship and employs only the best business practices. We offer a 6-year guarantee on our work and provide an invoice only after you have had the opportunity to view the final product in its place at the specified grave. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd for a consultation on your needs for a monumental sculptor. We are ready to advise you on all aspects of memorial sculpture that you may require and will guide you through the process of creation with care and consideration.