Granite Memorials in Heysham

Granite Memorials in HeyshamMemorials are part of any culture in the world, and if you want to set up granite memorials in Heysham, Kenneth A Fraser Ltd will be pleased to be of assistance. In the world, there are so many different types of memorial, and they are all built differently. For example, there’s the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the Gateway Arch, the USS Arizona Memorial and many more. Memorials are used as symbols to commemorate the memories of those who have gone, it’s a traditional way of paying tribute to those who gave up their life in battle or war or for a commendable cause.

Memorials remain important part in our daily lives – they help us remember a specific person or event and they are an important aspect in the grieving process. In Heysham, our granite memorials are made to the highest standards. As members of NAMM for over 30 years, we do adhere to the best business practices and workmanship standards. On top of that, you will receive a 6-year guarantee on the materials used and work completed. While we can produce any type of memorial, please note that if you will be using it in a churchyard or cemetery, it’s important to understand the different restrictions that they may place due to space or beliefs. Do confirm with the cemetery regarding any rules and regulations. To highlight, we can provide you with personalised, bespoke memorials of any colour, style, materials that you may need. We offer a large selection of both traditional and modern memorials, headstones, and so on. However, granite remains the most durable stone if you want a memorial that will stand the test of time. Besides manufacturing memorials, we also do inscriptions, cleaning and renovation work.

You can view the different granite memorials in Heysham, as we have about 50 full size memorials on permanent display. If you would like any further information about the granite memorials we have on offer, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. You can also choose from a number of inscriptions, including poems, and verses that we will carve beautifully onto your chosen granite memorial.