Traditional Memorials in Halton

Traditional Memorials in HaltonThe creation of traditional memorials in Halton includes Kenneth A Fraser Ltd’s nearly 9 decades of skill and experience. We moved with the times, adopting some modern techniques and designs and creating others ourselves. All are beautiful in granite, slate, marble York stone and limestone and created to the family’s specifications. However, when most of us think traditional we think of granite. Walk through ancient cemeteries and you’ll see beautiful works of art carved from granite standing in tribute to mark the grave site of an individual or as the centerpiece of a family site. Granite is available in a wide range of colours and when polished, the stone is protected from the elements allowing it last indefinitely.

Granite is reasonably easy to carve compared to some stones. For stonemasons in Halton, traditional memorials from granite is favoured because it accepts elaborate etchings in most any design. Traditional memorials are often more simplistic than modern designs. Lettering might be a simple verse of scripture, poetry or life motto along with the name, date of birth and death. Additional engravings may include military and religious affiliation symbols intricately carved into the stone. Today we can etch almost any design including the duplication of photographs. The old traditional memorials would not have colour photographs replicated in the stone memorial, or a favourite boat, car or other earthly treasure. For those who prefer these modern memorials, we are more than prepared for the task.

Each memorial we create is unique whether it be modern or traditional memorials in Halton. The memorial you commission us to create is an expression of your love displayed in stone and will stand to give future generations of family members a glimpse of their past. Its creation is the result of important decisions you make when you come to us for help creating a traditional memorial. Contact us and arrange a consultation to discuss a traditional memorial for your love one. We have a helpful display of shapes, sizes, stones, inscriptions and ornamentation that will inspire you. You’ll see the quality of our work for yourself and understand why our business has prevailed through so many years.