Traditional Memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale

Traditional Memorials in Kirkby LonsdaleChoose traditional memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale if you are looking for something that is charming and beautiful. There are so many types of memorials that it can get confusing and this may leave you feeling uncertain. If you are searching for the perfect memorial for a beloved, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd. Not only do we have 50 full-size memorials on permanent display, but we also have brochures that we can mail to you for your convenience. On top of that, if you want something tailored to your specific requirements, just let us know.

When selecting a memorial, it’s very important to also know the churchyard rules and regulations. In Kirkby Lonsdale, traditional memorials may be accepted by cemeteries, but they may have to fit certain requirements, otherwise they will be rejected by the cemetery authorities. Each cemetery has their own rules and to be on the safe side, make sure you are familiar with the rules before you order a memorial. Should you require any documents, we will be pleased to provide you with drawings, details of the lettering styles, finishes and whatever else is required on your behalf at no extra cost. Please note that we can also make home visits to inform you about the various types of headstones that we have in our stock. The materials that we use are varied, including marble, granite, slate, limestone, York stone and so on. Please note that all polished materials will certainly last over 50 years after they have been fixed in the cemetery, and they are expected to maintain their original appearance.

If you require additional assistance with headstones or even traditional memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale, please know that we, at Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd, will be pleased to assist you. Furthermore, we remain at your disposal, so contact us should you need any further information. As proud members of NAMM for the past 30 years, we strive to meet high standards of workmanship and business practice, and you get a 6-year guarantee on the materials used and work carried out.