Heart Shaped Memorials in Garstang

Heart Shaped Memorials in GarstangOur heart shaped memorials in Garstang is among the many shapes of memorial stones we offer at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We are members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) which is your guarantee that our stone masonry work and materials are of high quality. You may not be able to judge the quality on your own but you can check our credentials and reputation through NAMM. Our craftsmen can carve memorials in shapes and sizes by request and include engravings, script and badges meaningful to the deceased and the family. The heart shape can be the whole memorial or it can be a part of the whole. The heart memorial is often the choice of grieving families who have lost a young child. The shape is representative of the love grieving parents will always hold in their heart.

Cemeteries have the last word on what size and shapes are allowed on gravesites. For some cemeteries in Garstang, heart shaped memorials are welcomed in the section set aside exclusively for children. However, the heart shaped memorial is also a frequent choice for beloved mothers and grandmothers as representative of the love they shared with family. Combining the heart with a toy or angel is lovely for children. For the mums and grandmothers, hearts with flowers along with service or religious affiliation medallions serve well as a remembrance.

You have a broad choice of stones for your heart shaped memorial in Garstang from Kenneth A Fraser. Choose York stone, limestone, slate, granite or marble. Combine two stone types for a beautiful combination. The same stone in two different finishes is interesting. If you want a hand engraved inscription you are in luck because our stonemasons continue to hone the original engraving skills. You may prefer a laser engraved inscription. If so you shall have it. We embrace worthy new technology without replacing the old. Contact us and visit our showroom to see our selection of stones, sizes, shapes and engravings from which to choose. We have many designs for a memorial to honour your loved one. Rely on our experience to help you say what needs to be said then carve it in stone.