Traditional Memorials in Lancaster

Traditional Memorials in LancasterMany of our cemeteries have traditional memorials in Lancaster that date back many decades. Granite memorials is the most durable stone but people choose slate, marble and limestone as well. While stone has been part of the earth, maybe centuries, before we carve it into a memorial, exposure to elements can take a toll on the engraving and finish. Kenneth A Fraser, stone mason, carves traditional memorials, but we also restore those carved long ago. Cleaning and refurbishing the stone will bring out the true colour once again. The engraving on stones will become less defined over time and difficult to read. Our stonemasons will freshen the engravings so the inscription remains legible for future generations.

We will collect the stone from the gravesite and transport it back to our work site for refurbishment. In Lancaster, traditional memorials will be returned to the burial site and reset in place as part of the total cost.  We hope each generation will undertake this responsibility for their family memorials. When they do, the memorial could remain in place for hundreds of years. If you have lost a loved one and are in search of an authentic stone mason to create a traditional memorial, we have been established since 1929.  Our stonemasons deal exclusively in stone memorials for individuals or for use to mark a family grave site. We maintain the old masonry skills while taking advantage of available new technology.

Traditional memorials in Lancaster come in many shapes and sizes but before you choose, we will check with your selected cemetery. While once any size memorial was acceptable, restrictions are now implemented to save cemetery space and for ease of maintenance. Some allow only flat markers. We can prepare any type; we just want you to be aware so your choice is acceptable. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd and schedule an appointment to discuss your preferences and view our showroom displays. We can help with your decision by making suggestions but the final product is a custom made memorial that will serve as a tribute to the life of your loved one for future generations.