Monumental Sculptors in Lancaster

Monumental Sculptors in LancasterIf you’re looking for monumental sculptors in Lancaster, Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd is the best company to work with. Our family-run business strives to provide and meet set standards of service and workmanship. Being members of the National Association of Memorial Masons for over 30 years, we carry out memorial work to the standards laid down in an approved code of working practice.  This also means that all our members are skilled memorial masons with a full understanding of their craft and therefore capable of providing a proper aftercare service and adhere to a strict code of ethics. When you hire us, you get a 6-year guarantee on the materials used and work carried out.

We offer traditional and modern memorials. In Lancaster, monumental sculptors can work with a variety of memorials made of granite, marble, slate, limestone and York stone, so you have a wide range to choose from. Out of all these, granite is the most popular due to its durability and the wide range of colours it comes in. It can be supplied in various finishes that include rustic, sanded, part-polished or all-polished, with the latter being most resistant to weathering. Slate memorials can be made into shape and size and are also available as natural boulders with smooth lettering panels. Its finishes include rustic, fine-rubbed and combined. Marble memorials have a fine rubbed finish and are mostly white with grey veining. Limestone and York Stone memorials can be made with Fine-Rubbed or Combined finishes. If you require additional ornamentation, we are able to carve whatever you need into the memorial of your choosing, with each memorial being suitable for various designs.

For all your monumental sculptors in Lancaster needs and enquiries, contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd today. Additionally, visit our showroom in order to get a clear indication of headstone sizes and options we offer. We offer home visits and mail brochures for your convenience as well. We can assist you with the submission of an LCC memorial consent form, which is a requirement for new memorials and additional inscriptions.