Monumental Sculptors in Garstang

Monumental Sculptors in GarstangWith help from the best monumental sculptors in Garstang ,  you can memorialise and honour your loved one. At Kenneth A Fraser, we understand your emotions and aspirations when you wish to create a lasting tribute for a dear one. With nearly a century’s experience in the business, we combine skill, affordability, traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create the memorial you have in mind. A 6-year guarantee on materials and work is part of our services for every memorial we make. You’re assured of getting a quality product made from a range of materials. Our services include creating traditional and modern memorials. A visit to our showroom allows you to view the more than 50 display pieces, giving you a clear understanding of the size and dimensions. We can also make home-visits or mail our brochures to you.

Your local churchyard will need to be notified and permission taken before you can erect a memorial. In Garstang, memorial sculptors like us ensure that we submit scale drawings and lettering details at no extra cost so you can present them to the authorities. In case you want to refurbish an older memorial, add new lettering or restore the old, you may have to submit a consent form to your churchyard or cemetery authorities. We can help you with these aspects.

We have a wide range of options created by our monumental sculptors in Garstang. You can choose from stones like granite, marble, limestone, slate and our local York stones. We can also create an array of designs using different stones types, size, and shape based on your preferences and budget. We have charming designs to honour a child, which include teddy bears and angels, or hearts and flowers to memorialise a beloved. If you are looking for the services of monumental sculptors, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We use traditional and modern methods to write the memorial inscriptions. These can be finished in gold-leaf or hand-painted in different colours based on the colour of the base stone. Flush lead is used on marble stone. You can also have the inscriptions carved into the stone without adding any colour to them. Our highly-skilled professional craftsmen are at your service.