Granite Memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale

Granite Memorials in Kirkby LonsdaleThere is a lot that goes into manufacturing granite memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale. Memorials are also known as headstones, tombstones, grave markers or gravestones. Burial rituals have been around for tens of thousands of years, with sites such as the 50,000 year old Sharindar Cave in Iraq that contained the remains of a person with flowers arranged around the body. You then have the first coffin found in China that was around 30,000 year old. Other rituals involved mummification, embalming, cremation and of course burial. Cemeteries however, similar to the ones we have today, are a fairly new occurrence. The so-called garden cemetery was first established in Paris in 1804, and is currently home to names such as Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Frederick Chopin.

At first, headstones were made using slate. In Kirkby Lonsdale, granite memorials are the headstone of choice, but there was a time when marble was used as well. Marble became popular after slate, but it had the main drawback of eroding over time to the point where the names and details on the headstone were unreadable. Granite became the material of choice in 1850 because of this. It was found to be a resilient and accessible material, and for these reasons, it is still the material of choice today. Granite is categorised as an igneous rock, and it is mainly comprised of quartz, plagioclase feldspar and feldspar mixed with small quantities of other minerals. It can have variety of tints, including white, dark gray, light gray and pink. It originates from slowly cooled magma, which reaches the top of the earth’s crust through tectonic shifts.

There are many designs to choose from when it comes to granite memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale. You can add epitaphs, statuettes, carvings, different sizes and shapes and other features. A memorial is a lasting tribute the deceased. If you’d like to find out more about your options contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd today. An independent family-run business, we were first established in 1929, we are exclusively engaged in memorial masonry. We offer a wide range of memorial manufacturing services at highly competitive prices.