Traditional Memorials in Garstang

Traditional Memorials in GarstangTraditional memorials in Garstang have been around for years. Kenneth A Fraser Ltd offers quality traditional memorials guaranteed to give a befitting image of your loved one. We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern masonry technology and equipment to give unique service. Our craft is unrivalled and we are among the leading designers and craftsmen in the UK. We strive to set standards of workmanship and business practice that surpasses even the renowned, skilled craftsmen of traditional memorials. Our craftsmen can curve to stone, your desired design. In the event that you are unable to decide from the numerous design templates available, we can assist you to make the right choice. To us, traditional memorials are more than just masonry. They are real memories curved on stone.

When it comes to choosing a memorial, many factors have to be considered. In Garstang, traditional memorials may be limited to specific dimensions, especially in cemeteries and churchyards. At Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, we are familiar with all the local rules and regulations of the area. We can provide advice on what conforms to the local rules. For each memorial, there is a wide choice of granite colours, text design and layout. We understand that a memorial is a preservation of memories. We do not compromise on our services and for us; memorials are as personal as they are for you. Our usual practice is to send an invoice once you have had the chance to see the finished memorial fixed in the cemetery.

Traditional memorials in Garstang come in all shapes and sizes. Our catalogue has over 50 memorials to choose from. We also have a showroom with full-size memorials on display. The choice of stone ranges from granite to limestone and our craftsmen are renowned for doing spectacular jobs with all types of stone. Granite is the most durable and popular stone used for memorials. We do rustic or sanded finishes to this stone depending on your preference. We also have an option for part polished and full polished finishing. For quality traditional memorials, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We offer excellent service when it comes to traditional memorials.