Heart Shaped Memorials in Morecambe

Heart Shaped Memorials in MorecambeEver wondered how heart shaped memorials in Morecambe come to be? The memorial manufacturing process can be quite complex. It starts with the lengthy, and potentially dangerous process of extracting the raw materials from the ground of a quarry. These materials can be granite, marble or one of the other materials used for memorials. Quarries can go as deep as several hundred metres, with jagged rock edges, and water pools at the bottom of the pit. The material itself will also determine the best extraction method to use. For example, different types of granites are quarried differently from each other, and they are found in separate parts of the world.

Once granite has been extracted in Morecambe, heart shaped memorials go on to the next step of the manufacturing process. Here, the extracted stone is polished using large machinery and a steady stream of water, which clears up debris, and prevents overheating. This process unfolds in several stages, until the stone receives a glossy shine. The next step involves engraving the stone and adding the design. This can be done using computers or architectural tools depending on the manufacturer.

Using sandblasters, hand carving tools and lasers, the designs are added to the heart shaped memorials in Morecambe. The tool used generally depends on the design. For particularly intricate designs, sandblasters can be too inaccurate, in which case, the masons will use hand carving tools. These designs take many more man-hours, but the end result can be stunning. The sandblasting process on the other hand is faster and less expensive. Using a stencil to protect the surface which will not be sandblasted, the mason is able to create beautiful designs in a relatively shorter period of time. With the design out of the way, all that’s left is the washing, delivery to the cemetery and installation. If you’d like to order a heart shaped memorial, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd today. We offer a wide range of monuments and memorials, alongside bespoke options.