Black Granite Memorials in Carnforth

Black Granite Memorials in CarnforthBlack granite memorials in Carnforth have become a favourite choice of stone over the last half a century. Granite is the most durable choice for a memorial and often chosen for the large selection of colours from which to choose. Black granite has gained in popularity because it originates from the centre of the earth and is extraordinarily beautiful and elegant. The beauty of the stone stands apart in cemeteries where lighter stones are prominent. However, the black granite is expected to continue as a favourite so we display a selection of designs in our showroom. We select quality black granite defined by the deep colour and the density of the stone. Polished black granite should last for centuries.

Founded in 1929, Kenneth A Fraser Ltd continues to thrive due to our willingness to adopt modern techniques while keeping the authentic touch of the hand engraver. In Carnforth, black granite memorials are especially adaptable for modern laser engraving.  We can create any script and exact reproductions of photographs. Add a photo of the deceased and a meaningful picture of a favourite sport, hobby, club, musical instrument, sentiment or anything else you can imagine. Religious and military emblems or medals can be replicated on black granite using laser technology. While laser etching is available, our stonemasons retain the skill and talent for hand lettering and etching.

Black granite memorials in Carnforth is popular among our many selections of stones, stone colours and engraving styles and techniques. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd and make an appointment to begin the selection of a memorial stone for your loved one. We will walk you through the decisions to be made and options open to you. Bring your knowledge of your loved one and we will help you choose an appropriate stone and sentiment to last through the ages. With the personalisation opportunities of memorials now available, the memorial stone of your choice will be as individual as your loved one. Our service area includes North Yorkshire, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Lancaster. Ask us about our workmanship guarantee.