Monumental Masons in Morecambe

Monumental Masons in MorecambeKenneth A Fraser Ltd is at your service as monumental masons in Morecambe. A stonemason is traditionally known as one who cut and carve from stone. You may be surprised to discover that tombstone inscriptions are still carved by hand deep into the headstone so it lasts. Some monumental companies have given up the art of hand carving because new technologies in stone carving are easier, offer more versatility and may be more decorative. We at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd are pleased to offer whichever you want or a combination of all. Memorial monuments are meant to satisfy the family, and it is our pleasure to achieve that goal. We begin by selecting a stone. We work in marble, granite, slate, York stone and limestone. Each is special in its own way and we will define those differences for you.

For the traditionalist, a plain granite headstone set on a base with fold down flower pots may be a more comfortable choice. In Morecambe, monumental masons Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, could hand carve names and dates. A service or religious emblem added would complete the simple traditional style. A more contemporary style would be represented by an abstract shaped black marble stone with a high polish. The laser engraved inscription may be filled with gold leaf. Add a colour photo and an emblem to further memorialise your loved one. There are many variables for families to work with between those two extremes.

Kenneth A Fraser, Monumental Masons in Morecambe create diverse headstones according to the family’s wishes. They all share the beauty and durability to memorialise an important family member for future generations. Contact Kenneth A Fraser when you need a monument for a loved one. Stop by our showroom to see first hand the variety and sizes of stones and engraving techniques. We can help you settle on a combination of choices that will represent and honour the life of your family member. Our services include securing the cemeteries accepted guidelines for headstones and setting the stone. We also clean and refurbish headstones to reveal their original beauty. Our area coverage includes Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire and North Yorkshire